ZipSearch can be used to extract sets of TomTom Navigator POI data from a large database of US ZIP Codes. This large file, which maps US ZIP Codes to co-ordinates, can be transferred to a PocketPC and used directly with TomTom Navigator, but searching for a particular ZIP Code can take a long time. ZipSearch lets you extract and annotate points corresponding to selected ZIP Codes and write them to a new, and much smaller, overlay that can be used for navigation when transferred to a PocketPC.

The ZIP Code data, for November 1999, was placed in the public domain by the U.S. Census Board. The dBase formatted data file has been converted to a TomTom Navigator overlay with the POI sorted alphabetically by State code. The file contains 42,192 entries each of which has the following data

Longitude, Latitude, "State abbreviation ZIP Code, Post Office name"

eg -71.01320,  43.00589, "NH00210, PORTSMOUTH"

The program uses a spreadsheet style grid for data entry. Enter the required subset of ZIP Codes in column 1 of the grid. If a match exists in the ZIP Code database, then the corresponding co-ordinates will show in columns 3 and 4 (when you move to another cell of the grid). The entry can be annotated by entering text in column 2. Version 1.00, Size 834KB
Contents: ZipSearch.exe, ZipSearch.hlp, ZipCodes_USA_1999.ov2, ZipCodes_USA_1999.bmp, default_symbol.bmp, readme.txt