XLSConverter will read Points of Interest (POI) data from Sheet1 of an Excel spreadsheet and output it in the following formats

  • AutoRoute import file (*.csv)
  • TomTom Navigator POI overlay (*.ov2)
  • Excel spreadsheet (*.xls)

The data can be in OSGB, Lat/Long, Degree/Minute and Eastings/Northings formats, but all of the data on any one sheet must be in the same format.

All output coordinates are in decimal degree format. The Excel output column headings are suitable for import into Microsoft AutoRoute. A dialog box has been added for worksheet selection and the last used input file folder will be selected when the program is restarted.

XLSConverter.zip Version 1.05, Size 1063KB
Contents: XLSConverter_setup105.exe, readme.txt