WinOV2 runs the TomTom Navigator command line program DumpOV2 to extract the Points of Interest (POI) entries contained in an overlay file (.ov2) and writes them to an ASCII text file (.asc). An option to run MakeOV2 is also provided so that overlay files can be created from a text fie containing POI entries in either WGS84 longitude/latitude format or GB Ordnance Survey National Grid (OSGB36) format. Version 1.03, Size 495KB
Contents: WinOV2.exe, WinOV2.hlp, default_symbol.bmp, readme.txt, dumpov2_v1-2.exe, makeov2_V1-1.exe

In version 2.02 of WinOV2 the GUI has been simplified and drag-and-drop support added. The TomTom utility MakeOV2 is run to create overlay files so that Type 1 records are output. The order of the POI in the ASCII file (.asc and .csv) is no longer preserved in the overlay file.

New in version 2.04: The new Type 100 records in TomTom overlay files no longer cause an error when the files are read. Version 2.04, Size 1072KB
Contents: WinOV2_setup.exe, readme.txt