WinCAB runs the Microsoft utility CABARC to create CAB and TOC files for TomTom Points of Interest files (*.ov2) and Itinerary files (*.itn). A default bitmap file will be sent to the cabinet file for those Points of Interest files (*.ov2) that do not have associated bitmap files in the same folder as the ov2 files. An option is provided to suppress this default action. The CAB and TOC files can be used with the TomTom HOME program to transfer Points of Interest overlays and Itineraries to the current My Device unit.

New in version 1.04: A list of CAB file version numbers can be maintained. The version number is written to the TOC file when a CAB file is created.

Version 1.05: Missing Open file dialog box bug fixed. Version 1.05, Size 1078KB
Contents: WinCAB_setup, readme.txt